IMG_0034Gentlemen of the University of Virginia,

The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) invites you to become a member of our group. The IFC has been an institution within the University for over 160 years and has over 1,700 members.  Throughout your four-year tenure here at the University, we invite you to explore the opportunity of not only enriching your University experience, but also joining an organization that empowers you to make an impact on others, the community and the world around you.

Fraternities value essential characteristics such as:  service, brotherhood, scholarship, and leadership; however, each house is special because of the members within them.  Every Greek man takes extreme pride in the letters that they represent and with that it contributes to an environment of openness and looking towards the greater interest of our special community.

One of the major experiences that all Greek men consider unique is the rush process.  This is the opportunity for all potential new members to explore all of our fraternities within the IFC.  At the end of rush, the new member will be able to definitively decide which option is best for him.

The IFC is one of the oldest organizations within the University and we have experienced very high highs and very low lows, but due to the fact that our system has such a profound impact on our members, we continue to strive forward.  We are committing our system to new guidelines in order to re-affirm our allegiance to producing the best possible men through the most upstanding practices.  Please feel free to direct any questions to me or any members of the Governing Board.  Join us in continuing to define our traditions here at the University of Virginia by becoming a member of the Inter-Fraternity Council.


Jake Pittman

Former President, Inter-Fraternity Council


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