The IFC Governing Board is comprised of 13 active members (5 Executive Committee members, 6 Chairmen, and 2 Members at Large) of IFC fraternities at UVa who together work to operate the day-to-day functions of the IFC along with the Presidents’ Council. The current members of the Governing Board can be viewed here. All of these positions except for Member at Large are chosen in an election process each November.

    • Executive Committee
      • President
      • Vice President for Judiciary
      • Vice President for Risk Management
      • Vice President for Membership
      • Vice President for Administration
    • Chairmen
      • Scholarship and Education Chair
      • Community Service Chair
      • Alumni and Faculty Relations Chair
      • Public Relations Chair
      • Diversity, Outreach, and Inter-Greek Relations Chair
      • Sustainability Chair
    • 2 Members at Large (not up for election)

Descriptions of each position in more detail can be viewed here.

In order to obtain a position on the ballot and run for election, candidates must first file an application with the IFC. To be eligible for election to office, a candidate must follow the procedures established for candidates by the Governing Board, be a member of an IFC member fraternity, and not serve as the acting president for his chapter at the time of election. This year’s application, along with instructions on how to submit it, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Elections will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2020.

Be sure to thoroughly fill out the application. Not everyone who submits an application for each position will be guaranteed a time-slot for a speech. The IFC Executive Board will be slating several candidates for each position based on the written applications. The candidates who are selected to give speeches will have their written applications distributed to the members of the current IFC Governing Board and Presidents’ Council before elections. Following the speeches on the evening of the 22nd, these members will vote for their choices. Winner will be determined by a simple majority. Run-offs will be conducted as necessary. Depending on the position that you choose to pursue, you will have different time restrictions for your speeches:

  • President: 5-7 minutes
  • VPs: 4 minutes max
  • Chairs: 3 minutes max

The new IFC Governing Council will officially transition into their roles on Sunday, December 6, 2020 during a mandatory meeting in the evening.