Welcome to the webpage of the Inter-Fraternity Council Judiciary Committee (IFCJC), the judicial body of the IFC.

The IFCJC is the student self-governed body with the authority to adjudicate cases involving violations of the IFC Standards of Conduct by the 32 IFC fraternities. The committee is comprised of student support officers who act as investigators, counselors, and judges, investigating alleged cases of fraternity misconduct, representing the parties involved, and hearing the cases in trial, respectively. Leading the IFCJC are the eight Executive Committee members who act as trial chairmen and lead the support officer pools. Anyone can file a complaint with the IFCJC.


Last updated March 27, 2021.

The table below presents IFCJC case statistics for the period from August 1, 2020, to March 27, 2021:

Case Item Count
Number of chapters reported 13
Cases heard in trial 7
  ” involving COVID-19 policy 5
Cases heard in hearing panel 1
  ” involving COVID-19 policy 1
Pending cases 3

As student organizations at the University of Virginia, IFC fraternity chapters are also subject to adjudication by the University Judiciary Committee. UJC statistics can be found at ujc.virginia.edu.


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The IFC expects its members not only to uphold the central tenets of fraternal organizations—scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood—but to act with excellence in conduct, exercising accountability and responsibility. The IFCJC serves to support this goal and to maintain the health of our community. Please direct any questions regarding the website, alleged fraternity misconduct, or other relevant concerns to Eli Blaufuss, Vice President for Judiciary.