IFC Update on Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha chapter leadership, ODOS, and IFC representatives have been engaged in a comprehensive process appealing the chapter’s suspension this past spring. The proceedings did not entertain discussion about triviality or about the instance of the specific misconduct that occurred- chapter leadership was extremely forthright and cooperative in this regard. Instead, the focus was around the role PiKA has played as a leader within the IFC and how its transgressions fit in the context of its remarkable reforms over the past few years. While the IFC and ODOS condemn the hazing that occurred during the chapter’s most recent new member education cycle, it is clear that this incident represents a setback in an otherwise admirable movement towards sustainable practices.

After concluding the appeals process, IFC and ODOS are convinced that PiKA’s transparency, leadership, and commitment to reform ultimately do more to create positive change within the IFC than would its dismissal. As a result, the previous two year suspension of the chapter has been amended- while brothers from the Spring 2012 new member class will be permanently barred from the fraternity, all younger members of the chapter have been invited to rejoin the community effective this fall. Although the incident that occurred this spring was categorically unacceptable, PiKa’s openness, cooperation, and larger trajectory towards sustainable practices merit its inclusion in this community.