The IFC is one of the oldest communities in the University’s esteemed history.  For over 150 years, the IFC has added value to Grounds and molded young men into impactful members of our global society.  We are seeking to maintain our status on Grounds as our environment evolves and to make the Greek system accessible for every man at the University. We value character, academic success, and extracurricular involvement. This scholarship will reward current and future Greek men for their devotion to the values our fraternal system cherishes.

If you are interested in receiving a scholarship to help pay for fraternity dues, please fill out and submit this application. The application deadline is Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 at 11:59 PM. Note: If selected for an in-person interview, you will be notified by Wednesday, January 25th. Those selected for interviews will be notified about when final decisions will be announced. If you do win an award, your receipt of it will be conditioned upon you accepting a bid.

This scholarship application is now available to all members of IFC fraternities, including active brothers. However, priority will be given to rushees. We encourage all who are eligible to apply.

Please email the Inter-Fraternity Chair for Scholarship and Education Connor Overbay with any questions at