Rush 2024 Details

The IFC is excited to announce that registration for Spring 2024 recruitment is now open. Sign up for recruitment here.

Orientation: Jan. 14 (Sunday)

Open House: Jan. 14th (Sunday; North of Beta Bridge), Jan. 15th (Monday; South of Beta Bridge), Jan. 16th (Tuesday; all houses), 7-10pm

Classes start: Jan. 17th ( Wednesday) 

1st Round: Jan. 17th – Jan. 19th (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

2nd Round: Jan. 20th – Jan. 22nd (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

3rd Round: Jan. 24th – Jan. 25th (Wednesday, Thursday)

Final Hours: Jan. 26th (Friday), 7-10pm

Bid Day: Jan. 27th (Saturday)

Read more about the recruitment process here.

If you have any questions about the registration or rush process, contact Ben Ueltschey