Spring 2017 Rush

Register for Rush Here

IFC Spring Rush is open to all male students at the University of Virginia. The cost is $30 and it begins January 19th, please sign up at the UVA Greek Link website found above. We encourage anyone to come out, regardless of whether or not they are certain that they would like to join Greek Life!

Spring 2017 Rush Schedule:

Thursday, Jan 19: Open House North of Beta Bridge (7-10pm)
Friday, January 20: Open House South of Beta Bridge (7-10pm)
Saturday, January 21: Open House all chapters (7-10pm)
Sunday, January 22: No Contact Day
Monday, January 23: First Round Invitation
Tuesday, January 24: First Round Invitation
Wednesday, January 25: First Round Invitation
Thursday, January 26: No Contact Day
Friday, January 27th: Second Round Invitation
Saturday, January 28th: Second Round Invitation
Sunday, January 29th: Second Round Invitation
Monday, January 30th: No Contact Day
Tuesday, January 31st: Third Round Invitation
Wednesday, February 1st: No Contact Day
Thursday, February 2nd: Third Round Invitation
Friday, February 3rd: Final Hours
Saturday, February 4th: Bid Day


Please see below for a map of the fraternities participating in 2017 Spring Rush: