Spring 2021 Recruitment

Update February 14, 2021: the spring 2021 recruitment cycle is over.


Health and safety restrictions are being taken seriously. Recruitment will be primarily virtual. Both Open House nights will be entirely virtual, 1st-3rd Rounds will be primarily virtual, and Final Hours & Bid Day have special rules and will be closely monitored.

All students must follow applicable University policy. SEC-045

  • Requires students to wear masks;
  • Limits gatherings to 6 people;
  • Requires students to maintain 6′ of social distance.
  • Violations can be reported through JRI or to the UJC directly.

All participants must follow applicable IFC policy. IFC regulations…

  • Require in-person events to be reported in advance to the IFC;
  • Prohibit any event inside of a fraternity house during rush, unless otherwise directed.
  • During Final Hours and Bid Day, specific regulations emailed to every chapter apply.
  • Violations can be reported to the IFC directly (President Andrew Huffman or any other member of the Governing Board).

All individuals must also follow applicable state and local law:

  • Virginia Executive Order 72…
    • Requires masks for all indoor and many outdoor gatherings;
    • Limits gatherings to 10 people;
    • Requires individuals to stay home from midnight to 5am, with narrow exceptions.
  • Charlottesville City Ordinance O-20-156…
    • Incorporates the above into local law.
  • Violations can be reported to law enforcement or through JRI.

The IFC has also assembled a COVID Task Force with over 150 members representing every IFC fraternity. These members will enforce restrictions. Violations will be investigated and sanctioned.


Fee waivers and financial scholarships are available through the IFC on an application basis:

  • For those wishing help paying the registration fee, please contact Calder Schmidt, acting Vice President for Membership, at rcs4ge@virginia.edu.
  • For those interested in applying for an need-based dues scholarship from the IFC, visit the Need-Based Dues Scholarship page. (The deadline for this application has passed.)


Spring 2021 Recruitment Guidelines: available here.
Spring 2021 Recruitment Adjudication: available here.

A copy of previous years’ IFC recruitment regulations is available here.
A copy of the 2019 map of all IFC fraternities is available here.

Please contact Calder Schmidt at rcs4ge@virginia.edu with any other questions about recruitment.