General Recruitment Information

IFC Spring Recruitment is a series of formal events that gives prospective fraternity men the opportunity to meet, socialize, and learn about individual fraternities. Rush activities emphasize various aspects of brotherhood and are an incredible educational experience. A prospective fraternity man’s decision to participate in recruitment by no means binds him to pledge any fraternity. Every phase of rush is a voluntary endeavor. Most importantly, rush is a chance for a young man to meet a large number of his peers and to gain life-long friends.

Photo By: Andrew Kouri

Open House

Open House occurs on specified days during the evening hours of 7:00-11:00 PM. During this time, every IFC fraternity welcomes all rushees. There are 30 IFC fraternities, each unique in its own regard. In order to value what every fraternity offers, rushees are encouraged to visit as many houses as possible during Open House. Rushees should direct any questions about rush to the fraternity men, but IFC Governing Board members will also be at each house during Open House to answer remaining questions.

First, Second, and Third Round Invites

Following Open House, rushees are offered invitations for events organized by the individual fraternities. These events make up the most enjoyable parts of rush, and are based around a mutual selection process between the rushees and the fraternities. Just as rushees are choosing the fraternities that best suit them, fraternities are choosing the members that are best suited for their brotherhood.

Generally, during the first and second invite rounds, events are organized for larger attendance, while the third invite round events target a smaller group, allowing the rushees to personally spend more time with the individual fraternity members. With the passing of each successive round, rushees should try to return to those fraternities where they most enjoy the company of the surrounding brotherhood. Typically, rushees attend second invites at fewer fraternities than first invites. Likewise, rushees then attend third invites at fewer fraternities than second invites. The invite rounds allow rushees to gradually meet more brothers while also meeting their fellow underclassmen, ultimately leading them to the IFC fraternity that is the best fit.

Final Hours

Final Hours occurs on the specified night from 7:00-10:00 PM. It resembles Open House in appearance, but at this point, the rushee will now know not only most of the brothers of the fraternities he likes, but also many of his fellow rushees. A rushee should attend the Final Hours events of his remaining fraternities in reverse order of preference— from that particular rushee’s lowest choice fraternities in the first hour (7:00-8:00 PM), to the fraternities he is more interested in joining in the second hour (8:00-9:00 PM), and to the fraternity he is most interested in joining in the final hour (9:00-10:00 PM). This is the last opportunity for rushees to ask questions relative to that particular fraternity and also to meet any remaining brothers before Bid Day. The individual fraternities then deliberate and choose to whom they will extend bids.

Bid Day

Bid Day allows fraternities to deliver bids—a formal invitation to become a member in that fraternity—to the rushee’s dorm or residence. After receiving a bid, a rushee is allowed to return to his residence and decide if he wishes to join that fraternity. Accepting a bid is a major decision, leading to great friendships and unforgettable memories. If a rushee accepts a bid, he typically returns to the fraternity that evening for a social event hosted for the new members.